Gully Cricket Game : Play Cricket Flash Game Online

Cricket fever is around the corner with popular cricket tournament Vivo IPL 2019 being around the corner ! To celebrate this cricket fever we present to you a famous cricket flash game which you can play online.

“Gully Cricket” is a Flash Online Cricket Game which is about playing cricket in your home backyard, roads and gullies.

Gully Cricket Game flash online game features both Batting and Bowling.

I am sure you might have played such Gully Cricket in your childhood.

You can play this Gully cricket game with your Keyboard and Mouse.

Gully Cricket Flash Online Game

Instructions to Play Gully Cricket Game :

  • Use the mouse to position your batsman.
  • Left click to hit the ball.
  • Hit three 4’s in a row to become a ‘Super Hitter’
  • Keep tapping ‘Space’ when you get into a fight to beat the opponent.

There is a target which you have to achieve. Score 30 runs in 3 overs. I am sure you can do it…

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