IPL 2017 Prize Money : IPL Season 10 Prize Money

Indian Premier League (IPL) is often termed as world’s richest cricket tournament, thanks to the prize money it has on offer.

With the season 10 of Indian Premier League (Vivo IPL 2017) around the corner, i am sure you might be wondering about the Prize Money that the tournament will offer this season.

I am sure you might be searching for IPL 2017 Prize Money, IPL Season 10 Prize Money, etc.

IPL Prize Money

Indian Premier League Season 10 (Vivo IPL 2017) will offer a total prize money of Rs. 43 Crores. The winner of IPL 2017 will nearly get half of this amount and the remaining amount will be distributed to the Runner-up, Third Place and Fourth Place teams.

The teams that will fail to reach the play-offs will not get any prize money.

Please find below the Prize Money in Season 10 of Indian Premiere League (Vivo IPL 2017).

IPL 2017 Prize Money :

Prize Money for the Champions : Rs. 20 crore (~$3 million)
Prize Money for the Runner-up : Rs. 11 crore (~$1.5 million)
Prize Money for the Third Place : Rs. 7 crore (~$1 million)
Prize Money for the Fourth Place : Rs. 5 crore (~$0.75 million)

Remaining Teams : No Prize Money

I am sure with this big cash at stake, every IPL team will try their level best to win the IPL 2017 tournament.

According to the rules of IPL, half of the prize money that any team gets, must be given to the players.

IPL 2017 will be played between 8 IPL franchisee teams from 9th April 2017 to 22nd May 2017 across 11 different venues in India.