Play Desi Cricket League (DCL) Cricket Game Online

“Desi Cricket League” (DCL) is a Desi version of Indian Premier League. It is a Flash Cricket Online Game which features both Batting and Bowling.

Desi Cricket League is an interesting desi version of cricket like in the super hit Bollywood film of Lagaan. Playing this cricket game you will get to feel how people used to play cricket in the ancient days.

I am sure all cricket lovers will love to play “Desi Cricket League” Cricket Game on their computer.

You can play this game with your Keyboard.

Desi Cricket League

Instructions to Play Desi Cricket League (DCL) Cricket Game :

Batting Instructions :

  • While Batting, use directional arrow keys and other keys like J, K and L to hit strokes.
  • To run between the wickets use down arrow key for a single run and up arrow key for second run.

Bowling Instructions :

  • Press Space bar to start bowling.
  • Press arrow keys to move the bowling point on the pitch. Place space bar to lock the bowling position.
  • After locking the position, bowling speed is increased automatically and the speed is locked by pressing the Space bar.
  • If the speed crosses the specified limit then the ball becomes a No-Ball.

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