Play IPL Cricket Umpire Decision Game Online

“Cricket Umpire Decision” is a Flash Online Cricket Game which is  mainly based on the role of Umpire in the game of Cricket.

One wrong decision by the Umpire can change the entire game. Hence your role in very crucial in this flash cricket online game.

In this game you neither bat, nor bowl. You do the toughest job in the game i.e., of the umpire.

Watch the clip and give a decision by clicking on the icons provided in the game.

I am sure all cricket lovers will love to play Cricket Umpire Decision” Cricket Game on their computer.

You can play this game with your Keyboard and Mouse.

Cricket Umpire Decision Game

Instructions to Play Cricket Umpire Decision Game :

Watch the clip and give a decision by clicking on icons provided which include –

Out, Dead Ball, Leg Bye, No Ball, Wide, Byes, Four, Six

You have to make your decision quickly and that too correctly. 3 Wrong decisions and your game gets over.

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